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When we imagine a vacation in a tropical country, most of us think of sandy beaches, clear waters and wild jungles full of waterfalls to explore. That is exactly what the Philippines offers, although admittedly with a much heavier focus on beaches and diving rather than mainland attractions. While planning a vacation in the Philippines […]

Not all of our clients want an all inclusive vacation package that comes with all tours and transportation. Some prefer a more independent trip experience, and if you’re reading this article, you are probably one of those. Here we will discuss motorbike rentals, but not car rentals, for it’s not very common in the Philippines. […]

Talking about traveling at these times seems funny, as most people have much bigger problems right now. We’re all stuck at home, and most of our travels are between the sofa, the fridge and bathroom. But as many of us have more free time on our hands than we’re used to, why shouldn’t we start […]

Over the years, the 2 most common questions we get asked are which destinations are the best and what are the best beaches in the Philippines . Then, in close 3rd comes the question of what to do in Manila, and whether or not the beaches nearby are worth your time. Truth be told, the […]

If you have already had a chance to read through our site, you know that we at YGD Travel cater to a very diverse clientele. That said, our specialty, and vast majority of clients, are those seeking all inclusive vacation packages in luxury resorts. It makes sense after all, since if you are planning a […]

El Nido and Coron are 2 separate areas in Palawan, both among the most popular destinations in the Philippines. Both islands are equally stunning and became worldwide famous for their lagoons and white sand beaches. In an ideal scenario, we would highly suggest you visit both during your time here in the country. However, often […]

Many times we get asked by friends who want to have a vacation in the Philippines, to help them plan their trip. We noticed that there is a question that comes around quite rapidly, and that million dollar question is something like "I have only 2 weeks off work, is it enough time?" Most people [...]
Some people find it hard to decide whether they should visit Cebu or Palawan. If that's a question you had in mind keep on reading. Don't worry, it's not too difficult to answer. In the table below, and the paragraphs following it, we'll compare these two islands and help you understand better which is the [...]
The Philippines is ranked #3 in Asia in the English proficiency scale, just behind Singapore and Malaysia. This makes the Philippines a very attractive destination for English speakers who want to visit Southeast Asia. But if you think that communication will be smooth and problem free, think again. While you can expect most conversations to [...]
People often ask us what is the best way to get internet connection in the Philippines. They are right to worry of the limited possibilities in developing countries. The Philippines notoriously has Asia's slowest internet, but currently standing at a 4.5mbs average it is improving every year. You can't realistically expect to enjoy high speed connection [...]
The Philippines is making the news recently, mainly for drug warfare and terrorism, thus giving the impression that the it's a dangerous country. We'd like to assure you that the opposite is true, and the Philippines is a great place for traveling. Although there are some conflicts, it's a very big country and most of [...]
Many people who visit the Philippines plan to stay for a prolonged period of time, and are worried about the necessary visa demands because of it. The Philippines is a great place, but the last thing you want is to get in trouble with the authorities. This guide will explain everything you need to know [...]

This entry to our travel magazine was provided by JB Macatulad, owner of willflyforfood.net and one of the leading online experts on Filipino local cuisine. I was excited when phiilippinestravelpackage.com invited me to contribute a guest post on 10 must-try Filipino foods. Being a proud Pinoy, I love Filipino food. The problem is, how can […]

One of the most frequent questions our clients ask us is what’s the best way to get phone signal in the Philippines. Even if you are coming for a fairly short vacation, it’s important to be able to communicate with your friends and family back home. More importantly, you’ll need to be able to contact […]

Manila’s airport is the largest and busiest airport in the Philippines and serves more than 90% of international flights. While there are also flights from nearby Asian countries directly to Cebu and even some smaller islands, these are much more expensive and very hard to find. So, chances are you’ll be landing in Manila first, […]

You’ve seen the pictures and read numerous travel blogs about the Philippines and you decided to visit the country. However, before you pack your bags, there are still a lot of things you need to know. forgetting to do something like bringing important documents and items with you on your trip can really make you […]

While it is true that Manila is far from being the most attractive and vibrant city in Asia, it is undoubtedly the most underrated. Manila offers interesting spots for adventure and submersion into an entirely different world: a world of contrast. It is easy to shy away from it because of bad impression but let [...]

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