We are always happy to hear back from our clients. The more feedback we get, the better our service becomes. It also makes us feel especially good knowing we helped you have the best vacation of your life. Below you can find a few testimonials from our recent customers – We hope yours will be the next one!

PJ Jones (UK) – Visited February 1st 2018:

I don’t normally take the time to write reviews for companies or products, particularly if I had a good experience, because hey, that’s what we are paying for right – a good experience? So the fact that I am writing this at all should tell you one thing – I didn’t have a good experience. Oh no, I had an absolutely INCREDIBLE experience.

I can’t even begin to describe just what an amazing trip Dan and the team at PTP put together for my fiancee Kate and I. The organisation of the itinerary was completed with military precision, and we were provided with several options at varying price points, giving us plenty of choice to choose from.

When I first contacted Dan and his team, my mind was mainly focused on getting advice about the different places we could stay whilst in the Philippines – I hadn’t put much thought into the logistical side of things, such as planes, boats, ferries and taxis. Looking back now, I don’t know how we would have coped if we had to organise all of that stuff ourselves. One perfect example of this was when our original plan to travel from Coron to El Nido via ferry was scuppered by a gale warning from the coast guard, resulting in a boat ban for two days straight. This threw our itinerary out of the window for a few days, but somehow Dan managed to get a refund on the hotels and ferry, and meanwhile we spent a couple of nights in a five star island resort they managed to organise at the last minute, which ended up being one of the major highlights of the trip.

One of the catches with being on a private island resort is that the only boats allowed to dock at the island are from the resort itself.
After losing a couple of days to the boat ban and not wanting to waste any of our trip going back to mainland and catching a ferry, Dan said he would look into our other options. God knows how, but Dan and his team then managed to organise one of the only speedboats allowed on the island we were staying, belonging to the Vice Mayor of Linapacan. Now by this point you must be thinking that our itinerary must have cost a fortune and that our holiday budget had no limit, but that’s not true at all. The guys at PTP were always super conscious and appreciative of our budget, and in several cases took no commission themselves to ensure that we weren’t spending more than we’d planned for. We were made to feel like celebrities without spending money like one – that is true.

To give you an idea of the scale of organisation involved in our trip, over the course of 9 days we stayed in 4 hotels on 2 islands, requiring 3 flights, 6 minibus transfers, 3 speedboats, 2 slow boats, 1 island hopping tour, 1 motorbike rental and 1 hospital visit. Oh, and a lot of beer and cocktails!

Thanks you Dan and team for the most amazing trip ever. Holiday video coming soon!


Sofia Sayah (US), Party of 12, Visited on February 16th 2018:

Planning a trip to a new place for a large group of people can sometimes be challenging. However, Yoav and his team did an exceptional job and everything went smoothly.

My friends and i had the best trip of our lives, not only because Palawan is hands-down the most beautiful place we’ve seen, but also because Yoav made things so easy for us by arranging everything from transportation to daily activities. They even sent us constant updates on what’s planned for the day. The service we were provided with was beyond what we would have ever expected, Yoav was available 24/7 and answered us instantly regardless of time.

They really went above and beyond for us and it felt so genuine, his number one goal was to sure we were all happy (not easy for a group of 12). Yoav and his team made our dream trip come true, an experience that will never be forgotten. Thank you!!! Sofia.

Mikhail Hernandez and Alexander Tavares (US), Party of 2, Visited on March 28th 2018:

My brother and I live in 2 different countries, after 2 years without seen each other we decided to have a joint vacation in the Philippines. We started the planning and after a few days of researching we realize that it was not going to be easy to plan this trip, because both were very busy and we didn’t have a clue where to start.

After researching multiples websites, I found YGD travel. I was impressed with all the details I could find on their website. I decided to contact them, and I was pleasantly surprise with how fast they respond my question, and how they wanted to know each details of what we wanted in order to provide us with the best vacation possible. They took care of everything, hotels, flights, transfers, tours, we just have to be clear in what we wanted and relax. I can say that these was one of the best vacation we have had, and everything went according to plan, they even went the extra mile, giving us tip throughout the whole trip and they took care of all the logistic when my brothers bags were delay and stay in Manila while we were in another island, they made sure that we receive the bag in our hotel while we were enjoying our vacation. If it wasn’t for them this could have spoiled our vacation.

I cant recommend enough their service, they are incredible professional and cost efficient, and give your more than you can expect from your budget. I definitely going to recommend their service to any person that it’s planning to visit the Philippines and I’m going to repeat with them when I come back.

Thank you very much for everything!

Scott and Jules Read (South Africa), Party of 2, Visited on April 30th 2018:

We started the process of researching idea’s for our Honeymoon in Philippines and with total luck, stumbled across philippinestravelpackage.com online.

With little (or no) previous knowledge of the various islands to visit in Philippines, the website appeared to be really informative, so we really wanted to get the process started of exploring the various options of islands we would like to visit during our trip.

A Skype meeting was arranged, where we ‘met’ Dan. He asked us a bunch of questions to gauge who we are and what we’d like most to do
while we’re there. After this point, there was plenty of back and forth (emails), questions etc. The process was exciting as we started to iron out the islands we were going to visit with Dan’s helpful recommendations, things to do/see and places to stay.

Siargao – Cebu – Coron – El Nido : All the islands we visited were so different in terms of the people, private tours and experiences, which made it the adventure honeymoon we were always seeking!

We would both like to say a massive thanks to Dan for all his help, patience, communication, tips, guidance and most of all for planning a honeymoon trip that we’ll remember for a lifetime. It was so amazing from start to finish and exceeded all our expectations throughout the trip.

We would happily use your services again in the future and recommend to any of our friends or networks planning a holiday to Philippines.

Shimon Danoch and co. (Israel), Party of 7, Visited on August 2nd 2018:

Listen… There aren’t many people like you! I already gave your mail to 2 couples i know. We met our friend in Moscow, thanks for helping him find a new flight back home…. So much excitement when we saw him, i almost cried….

It was really wonderful. Even if pretty exhausting… But everything went smooth and alot of it is thanks to you. I will never forget you… And i will prove it to you! Thank you so so much for everything!



Orla Shorten (Ireland), Party of 2, Visited on August 5th 2018:

Absolutely the best holiday we have been on, extremely well organized, well thought out and planned trip, down to every detail. Having previously been to Thailand, Fiji, Mexico and many many more I must say that our trip to the Philippines has been the best all because of your company (especially Dan).

The attention to detail has been second to none, the personal touch has made all the difference and having a point of contact 24/7 is essential to feeling truly at ease throughout our trip.

The places we have seen would not have been possible without your companies recommendation, we had waterfalls to ourselves, the best of hotels, amazing food experiences and it’s not over yet. We will, without doubt highly recommend your business to everybody we speak to, as well as our social media outlets.

Thanks so much for an unforgettable experience! We will definately return to explore more islands, under your recommendations and guidance!!

Diana Sushchenko (Canada), Party of 3, Visited on October 6th 2018:

Whilst searching the internet endlessly about resorts and vacations to Palawan, I stumbled upon Philippines travel packages site which had answers to all my questions.

As I filled out my form and waited for a response, I checked out their website and had all the information I needed, what kind of tours, which packages, what to bring and so on…

Within a few hours, I got a response ! Joe helped me book a few day tour in Palawan, hotel, tours and flight included! I gave him my budget and he offered me different hotels and tours that would suit my needs. After picking the ones that fit me best, he quickly made the appropriate reservations and everything was ready to go! He gave me all the booking information and even left me his contact information if ever I need to call in case something goes wrong.

I am very pleased with the fast and understanding service I received.

Will definitely book again when needed.

CSD (California, US), Party of 5, Visited on November 14th 2018:

Dan at Philippines Travel Package, (PTP) did a great job coordinating out trip which included multiple Islands, resorts, flights, ferry ride, ground transportation, and guided boat tours.

I was a bit leery using a foreign travel agent but Dan turned out to be very professional. He was available throughout our trip to handle a couple of minor issues that we had which was quite helpful. All transportation went without a hitch as did checking into the hotels.

A trip like ours, to a Country we have never visited, with multiple destinations, can be overwhelming to try and coordinate on your own. Dan made the entire trip seamless for us and his recommendations for our family on resorts and tours were perfect.

I highly recommend Dan to handle your vacation to the Philippines.

Shira and David Goldblum, Australia, Visited on December 2018:

Hi Dan,

I hope that you are well and managing to get a bit of a ‘breather’ over this holiday period. Just a note from David and I to say a sincere THANK YOU for everything you did for us.

The entire visit was organised meticulously. You were wonderful to deal with. I’m sure I drove you crazy with a 100 emails and 1000 questions but you were absolutely professional and your advice was spot on.

We loved everything. The hotel in Manila was perfect and dinner was an experience – especially their tiny salad with so much flavor. All of the trips and your suggestions (including local flight delays and traffic was spot on). Qi Palawan I ABSOLUTELY loved – I could move there. It was rustic, romantic, quiet and beautiful.

The beach at Two Seasons was probably better as Qi has a lot of sand flies and stones but for the start of our vacation it was
magic. Getting to and from Two Seasons was perfect. We loved it there – David said he could have spent the whole time there, it was really magic. We did a day trip which was wonderful (pics attached).

We were very sad to leave. Certainly a country with the most gracious and friendly people I have ever met.

Thank YOU for everything! If there is somewhere you want to quote me or you want me to fill out a form suggesting your agency, I’d be happy to.

I am very pleased with the fast and understanding service I received.

Will definitely book again when needed.

Anna Mounsey-Heysham (UK / Australia), Party of 5, Visited on December 2018:

YGD travel looked after us from start to finish impeccably well! We had the most wonderful holiday in the Philippines and stayed in the most incredible places and had so many wonderful experiences.

Our agent Joe was on hand whenever we needed him, and was very reliable and efficient. You are in safe hands with YGD travel!

Jessica Wiltse (US), Party of 7, Visited on December 2019:

Happy New Year! We’re back from our Manila trip, and I wanted to Thank You for setting us up nicely for our El Nido trip! It was fantastic – a great mixture of fun, adventure and relaxation. Everything went off without a hitch – from our flights to pickups to the resort, etc.

The Miniloc Resort is a gem. The staff, food and entertainment were great. Thank you again. It was a great start to our two-week stay in the Philippines. I’m sure to recommend you to others who are traveling to PHL. If ever you make it to Chicago, IL USA, let me know – I’ll buy you a drink or two!

Best regards,

Louise Davison (Australia), Party of 4, Visited on January 2020:

Hi Dan,

We have arrived home from our Philippines holiday and wanted to thank you for organizing such a wonderful trip for us all. We shared so many great experiences together in Palawan.

We hope to return in the future to see more of the islands. We will certainly recommend you and your company to our family and friends.

Thank you again,
Kind regards,
Louise and family

Valentino Neri (Italy), Party of 2, Visited on March 2020:

We were visiting in Siargao when they announce the lockdown and it was a real panic! Dan and his team helped us relax and not worry, and book a new flight for us and take care of all the arrangements like transportation. We manage to leave the country before we got stuck with no flights. Huge relief for us, we really worried we will have no way to go back home!

Since then, we are working with them to get refunds as much as possible for the rest of our trip that we cancelled. So far many confirmed to pay back, but no actual money yet because its in lockdown and all offices are close. Still, Dan has been answering us all the time and keep us updated very well.

We wanted to thank you all for helping us in this difficult situation and for continuing to help as much as possible and being very honest and transparent.

Kind Regards,