Using our site you can find many budget friendly packages, as we try and offer a wide variety of solutions for private vacations in the Philippines for any budget. If you feel these are not enough, the guide below will instruct you on how to build your own affordable package, including the best deals on flights. A vacation in the Philippines wonโ€™t necessarily break the bank, and can even be reasonably cheap.

Read on for a free guide and the best tips to help you save money while traveling in the Philippines. Even if you’re not looking for the cheapest holiday possible, these helpful tips will help you avoid unnecessary expenses. While the Philippines isn’t as cheap as it used to be 10 years ago since tourism is much more developed compared to that time, with a little bit of preparation you can still enjoy a very affordable holiday.

Our selected budget tour packages


Romantic package

Locations : Manila, Bohol, Palawan
Includes :
  • Airfare
  • Accommodation
  • Tours and attractions
Duration : 10 nights
Pros : Most romantic locations, private beaches
Daily Price : 60 USD
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Adventure Package

Locations : Banaue, Cebu, Siargao
Includes :
  • Airfare
  • Accommodation
  • Tours and attractions
Duration : 9 nights
Pros : Cheap destinations with thrilling attractions
Daily Price : 50 USD
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Affordable Family Package

Locations : Camiguin, Cebu, Bohol
Includes :
  • Airfare and transfers
  • Accommodation
  • Tours and attractions
Duration : 8 nights
Pros : Family friendly resorts, transportation included
Daily Price : 60 USD
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The packages in the table above are suited to budget travelers as the locations featured are reasonably priced, accommodation is basic, and attractions and tours aren’t the most expensive ones offered. You can also ask us to book only flights and accommodation for you, and leave the rest of the activities to you, thus creating a “light package”. In such way you could fill your days independently, having an even more direct control over your expenses.

Save money on your vacation by booking with us

Many of the people who read this page and do decide to inquire are understandably skeptical when they do. After all, how can booking with a boutique agency be cheaper than doing it all on your own? In truth, it is very simple. The large booking sites which you usually use (such as for example) all charge an exorbitant commission from their clients, without you even knowing. This makes it quite easy for us to offer competitive rates to people who try and plan a vacation in the Philippines.

Of course, due to the fact we do everything ourselves without the help of an algorithm, we can’t offer the same wide selection those sites do. If you are looking for super cheap hostels who cost 10$ or less a night, then you won’t find them here. It’s not that we can’t offer them (In fact, we’ll be more than happy to recommend them to you for free!), but it’s just not worth our time to sell these.
Instead, we focus on offering the best value for money packages for people who want a very reasonably priced vacation but still want to enjoy the personal touch of a travel agent.

So, if you are looking to book a single tour or hotel, our services might not be the most appropriate. You can just continue reading below and you’ll quickly understand how to find and book the best stuff on your own. However, if you want someone who’ll help you plan your entire trip and make sure you don’t get any unpleasant surprises and expenses along the way – simply contact us and one of our agents will be there to help you with anything you might need.

How to choose your destinations?

El Nido hidden lagoon
As you browse through our website you’ll notice we offer our services in many destinations across the Philippines. Some are very popular, while others you probably never heard of. Destinations such as Boracay or Palawan are famous worldwide, but there are plenty of places, breathtaking and mesmerizing, that haven’t been commercialized yet. We make a great effort to bring tourists to both, as all of these island are perfect in their own, unique way.

When you stay in the city your’e more likely to spend more, as it’s more expensive there. Most people don’t have a choice but to spend at least some time in Manila, though many try to make their stay as short as possible in order to cut costs. If you want to stay in Manila and explore its wonders, there is a way to do it on a low budget. Booking a budget hostel in Manila is difficult since there are so many tourist traps. Instead of just showing up and looking around, it’s better to be safe and book ahead at one of our strictly reviewed budget hotels.

Traveling to popular destinations on a budget

Many times people think that traveling to the most popular destinations is going to be too expensive. It is true that if you are traveling on a budget these destinations will be the more expensive part of your trip, but it doesn’t mean it’s going to be so bad. We offer a few very cheap hotels in all of the popular destinations.

Keep in mind that when you choose to stay in the most affordable resorts you will get great value for your money, but don’t expect a beachfront location. In the most touristy places demand is very high, raising the prices immensely. Being a beachfront resort, having a swimming pool, an in-house restaurant and bar and so on is more appealing to most tourists and therefore they are willing to pay more. If you view your resort as just a place to sleep in, read our professional hotel reviews, and rest assured your’e in safe hands. There is no need for you to worry too much about it as places like Boracay, El Nido and Bohol for example, offer so many activities that you shouldn’t spend so much time in your resort anyway.

Limit your budget by traveling to less known locations

Siargao is a great budget destination

When making your perfect affordable trip, it is important to look into destinations that are a little off the radar. Luckily we offer many options in our destination which are exactly that. There are many upsides to visiting such places, but one of the biggest is that it saves a lot of money. Most of the times these places tend to be cheaper, as the locals still charge local prices, and even businesses designated to tourists keep their prices fair.

When visiting there you will get better deals on accommodation as well. While you couldn’t afford to stay in a beachfront resort in Boracay, you can compensate yourself in Camuigin or Siargao. You could also stay in budget hotels in destinations like that, saving a lot of money, as the price difference can be huge (around 50%), thus allowing you to have a very cheap vacation.

Find the cheapest Tours

Many of the tours we offer are not expensive at all. That said, If you want to fill your days with day trips, you should realize it’s going to cost at least some money. By choosing the cheaper tours you can keep your expenses relatively low. For saving more ask us to arrange a group tour when suitable. Some tours and activities have a fixed price and therefore can’t be discounted, so take it under consideration when planning your trip.

When booking a package you can also ask for a “light package”, that includes only airfare and accommodation. You can ask us for advice on how to choose your tours while already there, but it’s not guaranteed to save you money eventually. Other than that we can supply you with lots of useful information about the places you’ll visit, also available for free on our website.

Finding the most affordable hotels

Even the cheapest hotels we present in our catalogs were chosen carefully to guarantee the best value for money. It is true you can find cheaper hotels and resorts in most destinations, but our intention is to provide quality options for people who choose to travel on a tighter budget. By choosing our hotels we ensure you will have a great experience regardless of the price.

We work with a large selection of hotels, and not only budget ones. If your intention by affordable hotels, is staying in high end hotels for the fraction of the price you’d pay in most destinations in the world, the Philippines is the place for you. It is here that you can have an all-inclusive vacation for a relatively low price.

How expensive is the Philippines?

Affordable street food

The living cost in the Philippines is relatively low: a meal in an inexpensive restaurant would cost between 2$ to 3$, and a beer costs 1$. It does not mean that the Philippines is just a poor country, as there are many luxury resorts and fancy restaurants. Those are also cheaper compared to other countries, making the Philippines a choice for many tourist every year for their honeymoon or all-inclusive vacations.

If you think of the Philippines as your next cheap summer getaway, you are right to do so. Our packages have many price ranges, as we aim to be accessible to a wide range of people. Therefore our travel agency also offers affordable packages side by side with all-inclusive ones.


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    Looking to travel first time to phillipines (2) adults flying from YVR. Staying up to 2 months would like to visit as many places as possible renting homes -apts-or hotels based on availability.

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