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All of our packages can be modified so that they fit any type of vacation and budget. Below, you will find all the information you need to make full use of our website and services. Our vacation packages catalog can give you a good idea of the type of trips we offer, but for special requests and customized tours you can always just contact us directly.

Important Travel Advisory - 2023
  1. Must be fully vaccinated (2 doses of vaccine – complete)
  2. Philippines Embassy – Visa section (for more information – Philippines Embassy – Visa Section)
  3. Roundtrip flight (To and Out of Philippines per person – except for Filipino Citizens)
  4. Registration and QR Code (duly filled out per person) – etravel

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Where to start: our most popular destinations

The most popular destinations listed below can help you choose a focal point for your trip. Click on the images for more information about the recommended tours, activities, hotels and nearby sites that each destination has to offer. Alternatively, visit our Destinations page for detailed descriptions of all of our tour options.

Palawan tour packages


The best island hopping and diving in the world, Palawan is full of adventures and all-inclusive resorts

Bohol packages


Best all around, perfect for both families and couples. World class resorts and great nightlife.

Boracay tour pakcages


One of the best beaches in the world and world class all inclusive resorts.

Banaue tour package

Banaue rice terraces

Breathtaking landscapes created by ancient an culture, an amazing experience in the forest of clouds

Boracay, Bohol, and Palawan are the most popular destinations in the Philippines. Boracay Island is known for its beautiful white beach, along with its relaxing vibe and fun water sports activities that are good for families and friends. While Bohol is famous for its land tours – Chocolate hills and Tarsier Sanctuary that both give a unique experience and connection with the beauty of nature, you also get to experience dolphin watching early in the morning on an Island tour to Balicasag. Palawan is mostly know for its beautiful beaches and stunning turquoise water and famous dive spots/ island hopping spots like the Lagoons, Kayangan Lake, and so much more.

If you are not sure if it’s a good time to visit or not, There are many other destinations that can be an excellent addition to your trip instead. This can also be your opportunity to explore other, less touristy locations. If your main priority is comfort, you could pick one of the other major tourist spots such as Bohol or El Nido instead of Boracay. These 2 are great for families and honeymooners and are already among the most popular tourist spots in the Philippines. If you are feeling more adventurous, consider flying to Siargao or Coron instead – these are far less developed but equally stunning.

Why choose us? Here’s what makes us special!

Our team of experts build tailor-made packages according to your unique demands, while maintaining competitive prices. We’ve selected the best activities and most incredible locations the country has to offer to enable you to design your perfect holiday.

Custom travel packages

Our fully flexible packages represent the best value for money and include everything you will need for your trip. Choose from our hand-picked selection of the most comfortable hotels, exhilarating guided tours, reliable transport and competitive airfares.

We work hard to provide a versatile selection of services, while ensuring the highest quality and best rates possible.

Professional and personal services

Having travelled extensively throughout the Philippines, our team is fully qualified to provide first-hand recommendations to ensure you have the best possible holiday.

Information, deals and reviews are all updated regularly to keep you informed of the latest top offerings. We work closely with local authorities, and use our strong local ties to guarantee your safety and enjoyment.

Innovative travel model

Create a personal travel plan, then edit it to suit your specific preferences. Read our expert reviews and tips, browse our packages, plan a personalized itinerary and make reservations through us.

Once you’ve completed the checkout through our cart system, we will contact you to offer our input, and only once you’re happy with your final package will we request payment.


We have created a flexible model to make booking your dream vacation easy, while giving you full control of your entire itinerary. Our goal is to keep our services as versatile as possible, while only presenting hand-picked, high-quality offers. We differ from other agencies in that we do not bombard you with an endless stream of unnecessary information and offers; only those that are accurate and worth your time are included.

To save you time, a great way to start is to check our pre-made packages, because there’s a good chance your ideal travel itinerary already exists. Our packages are carefully designed to match the most common needs of an individual or group. These packages are fully flexible and only serve as a blueprint, so you can make amendments wherever you see fit.

To edit your desired package, simply inquire about one of our readymade itineraries. You can also add more items to your wishlist, such as specific tours and hotels. It’s perfectly fine if your inquiry isn’t organized to take time and budget into account, because we will help you to arrange everything in the most sensible way.

Once you’ve added the items to your cart our agents will contact you to finalize your schedule. Alternatively, you can just contact us directly, and we will build your personal travel plans from start to finish.

Start building a travel plan, and edit it to suit your personal needs. Browse through our catalog of packages, or read our reviews and travel guides to give you inspiration. If you have any questions or additional requests, feel free to contact us. Our experts will offer advice to help you incorporate all of your needs into your itinerary.

If you are looking for standalone items to add to your wishlist, a good place to start is our tours catalog or the full list of hotels we work with. Here, we cover the available activities and recommended resorts in all of the most popular locations, so it can help you decide where to go. Those searching for resorts and tours on specific islands should check our full list of destinations.

The more you research the site, the more you will learn about the many exciting and memorable experiences the Philippines has to offer, and we are confident you will come away with exactly the holiday you were searching for. Add any specific items to your wishlist until you have all of the basic ingredients for your ideal trip. When your wishlist is complete, click the inquiry button and all the details of your dream holiday will be added to your inquiry automatically.

Once your cart is brimming with exciting experiences, click ‘Inquire now’. One of our experts will get in touch with you as quickly as possible to ensure nothing has been missed. Based on our knowledge of the country, we will suggest adjustments to streamline your vacation and to make sure that your travel package fits your exact preferences.

While planning your trip, we take into account time and budget restrictions, the weather, the size of your group and other key factors that will affect your holiday. The entire plan will be dynamic and subject to changes based on the factors listed above, to ensure that you get the most out of your time in the Philippines and save as much money as possible.

Ready to begin? Check our exclusive deals and offers for 2023

Featured below are our bestselling packages and promotions for 2023. Before you start creating your package from scratch, take a look at these since they might be even better than the dream vacation you envisioned. You can always adjust any offer as much as you’d like, to get a tailor made holiday.

Philippines tour packages and day trips

Best day tours

A taste of local culture through our exclusive day tours.

Cebu tour packages

Cebu packages

Cebu Island packages and day trips at amazing prices

Philippines hotels catalog

Top hotel deals

Handpicked hotels – best value for money and premium deals.

Bohol tour packages

Join a group tour

Meet new friends and get special promo rates.

Not sure where to start? Build a package according to your desired holiday

it’s best to approach your travel planning with an assessment of what you feel you’d most like to gain from the experience. Are you seeking a relaxing break or an action-packed adventure? Do you want to keep costs as low as possible without compromising on experiences, or are you willing to spend extra to ensure you receive the most luxurious services available? How many days do you have, and who will be joining you? The following sections will help guide you in setting up the perfect package.

Purpose of your trip

We each have our own unique expectations of how a perfect vacation will pan out. From romantic honeymoon getaways on remote and exotic islands to hardcore trekking and camping in tropical jungle, we do our best to create the ultimate package to fit your requirements. All of our packages and deals can be sorted by their main attractions. If you are looking for the best diving or surfing spots, for example, you can easily get the ball rolling with that as a focus. For a complete list of the best tour packages and day tours at any location, just check our tour catalog.

Budget or luxury?

Our pre-made packages range from budget plans to luxurious all-inclusive holidays. Whether you are on a budget or willing to spend lavishly to receive extra services, we’ve got you covered. Our packages cater to all budget and time restrictions. Our backpacker-friendly services take the hassle out of independent travel, while the higher-end options will ensure you feel pampered from start to finish.

Trip length and group composition

If you know you have limited time, why not start by browsing our packages by length? We offer itineraries lasting from one week to one month – all of which are packed with exciting sights and attractions. Even if you only choose a single service, we are happy to offer free advice on how to spend your remaining time.

You can also search by group composition. We offer special packages for couples, families, large groups and even solo travelers looking to meet with other tourists and make new friends along the way. With our input, you can be sure that your itinerary will allow you to go wherever you want without worrying about not having enough time to do everything.

More than just a tour operator

We take  pride in the fact that we don’t just affiliate ourselves with any willing business. All our partners have been thoroughly tested by us, to ensure that we only feature the best offers and local businesses that will cater to your every need. We encourage and welcome feedback and questions, and would be delighted to hear from you. Send us your queries, or just check in to say hello and share your personal travel stories.

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