Boracay Beach Club

Boracay, Malay, Philippines
from/per night$80
  • Breakfast
  • Free Wifi
  • Pool
  • Restaurant

The Boracay Beach Club is a small, family owned resort in White Beach station 1. Even though the hotel isn’t a beachfront property, all you have to do is cross the main road and you get to the beautiful beach. It’s less than a minute walk, and you get to be at the best part of the famous White Beach, while paying substantially less than anywhere else in Station one.

For us, this resort represents the very definition of value for money. You get to enjoy an excellent location, great food and service and nice clean rooms. All that while paying much less, just because the resort isn’t located directly by the beach. The simple and friendly atmosphere, coupled with the amazing hospitality of the owners and staff, will make you feel like a part of the family in no time.

For all those reasons, This 3 star resort is perfect for single travelers, couples and small groups – who want to enjoy a quiet stay at a place which really feels like home. Anybody who wish to stay at the best beach in the world without spending a fortune on a luxury hotel, should consider booking a room at the Boracay Beach Club instead.

Our Expert Review

Service [?]

Friendly and personal service that is designed to make you feel at home. The resort is small, so you get a lot of personal attention and the owners are really keen on helping guests maximize their stay on the island and enjoy in every way possible. This isn't a luxury resort, so extra services are limited of course, but they make up for that with their willingness to assist in whatever way they can.


Cleanliness [?]

The design is basic and rustic, which actually works well with the whole family-owned business vibe. It gives Boracay Beach Club a very cozy feeling, and contributes greatly to the comfort of staying there. The rooms are very clean and well kept, we didn't notice any problem with hygiene or maintenance.

Very good

Rooms [?]

The rooms here aren't huge, but they are actually very spacious compared to other Boracay resorts, especially in Station 1. The bed is comfortable, AC is working well and the water pressure was fine. The design is a bit spartan perhaps, but you get all the basic needs covered. The only issue was the WiFi being unstable, but that's a recurring theme across most Boracay hotels.

Very good

Beach and Pool [?]

There's a small swimming pool at the hotel itself, and since the place is so small it does the job well. It's a great place to relax at, have a drink and just pass the time while mingling with other guests or the staff. The beach is located across the road so it's not the perfect setup – you'll have to walk back to your room for a shower and such which isn't the most convenient. It is, however, the best part of the beach.


Location [?]

One of the best things about this resort is its location. Being on the main road means it's easy to reach – you won't have to carry your luggage through the beach or small alleyways to reach your hotel. It's also just 10 minutes from station 2 - the center of action, but still located at the best part of the beach – where it's much more quiet and private.

Very good

Value for Money [?]

Not only do you get all the essentials covered, you get a ton of extra value from staying at a place where the staff and management are so nice and friendly. Considering it's one of the cheapest accommodation in Station one, Boracay Beach Club is clearly an excellent choice for anyone who's travelling on a budget.

Very good

Boracay Beach Club started welcoming guests in 2008 and has always enjoyed very good reviews. This small hotel was opened by a local family with strong ties in the community, but with little experience in the hospitality business. Still, their dedication and friendliness more than made up for their lack of practical experience in the field. They made a very smart choice in designing the resort with that purpose in mind – creating an affordable accommodation option that really feels like a home away from home.

There are only 30 rooms at the resort, so privacy and quietness are always kept. While design is pretty basic, it does the job well and the whole place feels comfortable. The fact that everything is clean and well maintained keeps it from becoming one of those rundown sleazy resorts where guests feel uncomfortable. Here, the minimalist design and layout of the building actually helps you feel like the resort is cleaner and tidier. That said, the interior space is a bit too tight which can make you feel like staying at a dorm. Both the reception area and the hallways between rooms are very narrow. On top of that, there’s no elevator so staying at the 4th floor can be somewhat challenging.

All rooms come with air conditioning, a small flat screen TV, mini fridge, safety deposit box and free WiFi. Basic toiletries and amenities are also provided, and can be restocked whenever you’d like. All rooms come with breakfast included, which is taken at the resort’s restaurant which is located right across the road and directly on White Beach. This restaurant is called ‘Ariel’s House’ and is actually one of the most popular places to eat in station 1. Many walk-in guests come there to enjoy the tasty food and the spectacular view of the ocean.

Do Guests like Boracay Beach Club?

As mentioned, this is a small family business and they didn't have too much experience in the hotel industry prior to opening this resort. This is reflected in their marketing efforts, which could have been much better. Even though the Boracay Beach Club has been around for almost 10 years now, there's a remarkably small amount of reviews online.

To make matters worse, the information presented at major booking sites is awfully misleading. First of all, this is by no means a 4 star resort, and it's certainly not a beachfront property either. It's no wonder some guests were disappointed when they got to the resort and found out what the real deal is. In their defense, we must mention they do an excellent job of being transparent on their own website, explaining the location and level of accommodation very honestly.

That's a price you pay when using the big sites – where attention to details isn't always the best. So many times we have witnessed or tripadvisor send tourists to sleep at construction sites or hotels stuck in the middle of nowhere. Anyway, We still went over the relevant reviews at those sites, to give you some indication about the general level of this resort:

The most reviews are at tripadvisor, with a total of 824 and an average rating of 4.5. Boracay Beach Club is rated as the 11th best hotel in Boracay, and only 2% of guests rated their stay as below average. People really liked the service, excellent location and the food served at the restaurant. The breakfast in particular got a lot of praise. The most common complaint we found was about the WiFi not working inside the room.

There are only 49 reviews on, but over at Agoda there are 571 and an average score of 8.3. Here what guests liked the most was how clean the place is, and the fact that rooms are so comfortable. Again, the location at the best part of the beach and the food were also mentioned by most people. The most relevant complaint, except for WiFi issues, was about the way the hotel is designed. People felt like it was too small and crowded, which made them feel like they are staying at a dormitory.

The advantages of staying at this place are quite clear:

  • Excellent service and a feeling of home
  • Rooms are all large, clean and well equipped
  • Great location not far from the beach
  • Cheap in Boracay's standards

That said, there are also some downsides you must take into account:

  • Not directly on the beach
  • Very bad WiFi, especially inside the rooms
  • 10-15 minutes walk to station 2 and D'Mall
  • Basic and minimalistic interior design

Apart from excellent personal service that truly comes from the heart, don’t expect to enjoy any additional facilities or services at this hotel. There’s no spa or gym, only a relatively small swimming pool. They do offer a massage treatment inside the rooms though, so you can ask the receptionist to book one for you. Another service offered by the resort is organized tours and day trips, but these are just the same as the ones offered anywhere on White Beach, only it costs 25% more. That’s why we can’t really recommend booking them through the resort, unless you really have no energy for dealing with the street vendors.

If you want some basis for comparison, we feel like the Nigi Nigi Too resort is the most similar accommodation in Boracay. It’s also a 3 star resort, located in station 1, and offers nice clean rooms and a good breakfast. The main advantage Nigi has is the fact it’s located right at the beach. On the other hand, rooms at Boracay Beach Club are bigger and cost less. All in all, these two resorts are both the best choice for people who want to stay in station 1 but don’t want to spend a fortune sleeping at one of the fancy beach resorts.

In conclusion, what makes the Boracay Beach Club such a good choice is the fact it has a very clear purpose and value. By reading this review, you should be able to understand exactly what you’ll be getting there – good, basic rooms, friendly service and a good location in Boracay’s best part of the beach. Considering the price you pay, we feel like this hotel is a really a good deal, and everyone who stays there won’t be disappointed by what they get in return.

Room types

Deluxe King Room

This room is 24m2 and can comfortably fit in 2 adults. The room comes with a king size bed, and an additional single bed can be added for a small daily fee.

Deluxe Double Queen Room

This room is only slightly larger than the regular deluxe room and costs 10$ more a night. It comes with 2 queen sized beds, and can accommodate up to 4 persons. An extra bed can also be added upon request.

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