Corregidor Island Tour

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Corregidor is one of the most historically important places in the Philippines. This tadpole shaped island played a key role in WW2 thanks to its location – just 48 km from Manila, right at the entry to Manila Bay. If you’re a history buff, this island is just for you. The bombarded buildings remain untouched, and the whole island is considered a national monument, in honor of the fallen soldiers of the three armies which battled over it during the war.

Corregidor Island makes an excellent day tour from Manila. It starts early in the morning, and you’ll be back in Manila at 4:00 PM. We also offer an overnight package which is great for families. It is also great for people who are staying in Manila for a longer period of time, and want to get away from the city for a night. If you’re going to stay in Manila and consider booking this trip, just click the “inquire now” button below.

  • Perfect for : Families, History and culture.
  • Best time to visit : March to May is when the weather is good.
  • Tour package includes : Hotel transfers, Guided tour, Lunch, Attractions.
  • No Schedule Trip : During the JJASON months (June, July, August, September, October, and November) or Lean Season.
  • Starting point : Manila.
  • Duration : Whole day.

How to get to Corregidor Island?

The way to Corregidor is by a Sun Cruise ferry that leaves Manila once a day from Sun Cruise Terminal in Esplanade Seaside Terminal in Pasay City. Boarding time is 07:00 AM, and the estimated time of departure is 07:30. They are very punctual with their schedule, and being even slightly late will result in cancellation of your booking. Getting back to Manila takes place once a day at 03:00 PM, and boarding time is 02:30 in Corregidor.

The ride takes 1 hour and 15 minutes. Getting there can be part of the whole Corregidor tour, or independent (and then you can tour the island on your own). The rate for the ferry ride itself will be arranged by you. The price difference between a full tour and just the ferry ride isn’t significant, and a guided tour will help you get the most from your trip.

There are two alternative ways to get to the island from Bataan. This option is good for large groups as it does lower the price greatly. However, you’ll need to travel all the way to Bataan, which takes several hours. There you can either take a private boat from the Maritime Academy of Asia or the Pacific Port in Alas-Asin. If you choose this way to get to Corregidor there is an added terminal fee of Php 30 per person and entrance fee of Php 300 per person.

Booking an overnight package

There is only one accommodation option on Corregidor and that is the Corregidor Inn – sometimes also called Corregidor Hotel and Resort. It has two parts, the hotel which is situated on a hill in the middle of the island, and the beach cottages near the Japanese Peace Garden. The hotel has a lot historic significance, as it was the last station of the Japanese resistance on the island when it was taken back by the Americans.

It doesn’t matter where you’ll choose to stay, the inn or the cottages, as both are practically the same hotel. That being said, the hotel itself is more suitable for smaller groups, and the cottages for larger ones. Being away from the center means they are both quiet and provide privacy. The restaurant serves both the cottages and the hotel, and there is a shuttle service to take you back and forth.

What to do?

The regular guided tour in Corregidor is a bus tour. You can also have a walking guided tour and a bicycle tour (bring your own bike). The buses on the island are designed in the same style as the trams which used to be the main transportation option on the island.

Day tour itinerary
05:30 AM Check-in and boarding time in Manila Bay
08:30 Arrival in Corregidor Island north pier
08:30 - 11:00 Tour of the top and middle parts of the Island
11:00 - 12:00 Lunch in Corregidor Inn : A buffet lunch at the island’s hotel is included in the tour.
12:00 - 13:30 Tour of the bottom and tail parts of Corregidor
14:00 PM Estimated time of arrival to Manila

This is the itinerary for the regular tour to Corregidor. The tour is available only during summer, because during the JJASON months (June, July, August, September, October, and November) or Lean Season can be very rough and not safe for sailing. Succeeding months will highly depend on the weather forecast. Therefore, no scheduled trips yet.

The middle barracks is the first stop of the tour. At the time it was built, in 1915, it was a very modern facility. Even though it was destroyed by Japanese bombs in 1941, some parts were left intact. From there you'll continue to Battery Way, Battery Grubbs, and Battery Hearn.

Battery Way was one of the two mortar batteries, with a range of 1,400m in every direction. Grubbs was a battery of two disappearing guns. It was directly hit by the Japanese, and has remained unmanned for the rest of the war. Hearn is one of the two largest guns on the island, with a horizontal range of 27,000 meters. The batteries were used for protecting Manila bay from naval forces as well as attacking targets in the neighboring peninsula of Bataan.

After the batteries you will reach the Ruins of Mile Long Barracks (it was actually 1/3 miles long). General Douglas MacArthur's office was in this building, and it used to be the world's longest barracks. Afterwards you'll see the Pacific War Memorial Complex, the Cine Corregidor and the Spanish lighthouse.

The Pacific War Memorial was built by the U.S. government in 1968 to commemorate the Filipino and American soldiers who sacrificed their lives on Corregidor. The Cinema of Corregidor is part of the memorial complex. It's the remains of the building that was used by the soldiers and their families who lived on the island. The Spanish lighthouse is the oldest building on the island, built in 1836 by the Spanish government. Although it was damaged during the war, it was fully reconstructed in 1950. Visitors can climb to the top.

After lunch the tour goes to the other two war memorials. The Japanese Gardens of Peace are a memorial built in honor of the soldiers of Imperial Japan, who fought on Corregidor. It's a mix of traditional and militaristic Japanese style, and was funded by the Japanese government. The Filipino Heroes Memorial and Museum is the latest, built in 1987. It is dedicated to tell the story of the Filipino heroes who fought alongside the Americans.

After the museum you'll visit the Malinta Tunnel. It was built from 1922-1932 and designated as an underground bomb shelter. Later on it became the military hospital of the island. It is also possible to experience the Malinta Tunnel light and sound show for an additional fee. You could also take the Tunnel Lateral tour at night if you're staying on the island.

The last stop is at Lorcha Dock, where General MacArthur and his family members left for Australia in 11 March 1942, fleeing from the Japanese Forces. Upon arrival to Australia he made a speech with his famous lines "I came through and I shall return", a promise that would only be fulfilled in October 20, 1944, when MacArthur landed on the island of Leyte.

More tour options and additions

As mentioned above, the only addition to the regular tour is the Light and Sound Show in Malinta Tunnel for 200P. Guests who are staying overnight can also add the following activities to the itinerary: The Rocket Zipline, guided sunset and sunrise viewing, Malinta Tunnel lateral tour, and kayaking. You won’t run out of things to do, especially if you're traveling with kids. Or you can also choose to just relax, enjoy the evening breeze and watch the great view of the lightened Manila Bay.

You can take the Historical Walking Tour instead of the regular tour. Unlike the bus tours it exclude the trams, and most of the sites on the bottom and tail side of Corregidor. Instead, you'll only be going through the sites of the top and middle side of Corregidor. Most of the sites listed in the after-lunch section of the itinerary are not a part of it.

However, you'll get deeper insight of the historical sites, and visit places only accessible by foot. So, if you're a real history buff this might be the better option for you. The walking tours also have less people in them and are therefore more intimate. If you're staying overnight, then you could take the Malinta Tunnel lateral tour, and visit the bottom and tail sides (Japanese Gardens of Peace, Filipino Heroes Memorial, etc.) of the island on your own.

The Historical Walking tour doesn't include lunch, so you can either pay for it separately or bring your own. You should be moderately fit for this tour as it does require a lot of walking.

How does Corregidor fit into my travel plan?

A daytrip tour package to Corregidor Island can be a great way to spend one of your days in Manila. It is especially true if you're a history lover, and interested in WW2 history in the pacific. Even though the island is one big monument, it still has a very tranquil atmosphere and offers a break from the chaos of Manila.

An overnight Package is advised if you want to experience more of the activities the island offers. It is especially true if you're traveling with children or don't like to be in a rush. If you are staying in Metro Manila for a long time, this place is a really nice getaway with added value.