El Nido Day Tours

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It is true that the thing that made El Nido famous in the first place is the islands hopping tours in Bacuit Bay. Many people fall in love with El Nido for this reason alone, and forget that there are more adventures waiting for you in its countryside. Some of these day trips alone make a legitimate reason to extend your stay in El Nido.

There are many beaches on mainland El Nido that are just spectacular and very different than those you’ll find in Bacuit Bay. Getting to them is also an adventure, whether you do it independently, hire a van with or without a guide, or join our ATV tours. On the way to the popular spots of northern El Nido you can find a few waterfalls, and also traditional fishing villages where you can meet the local and get to know their way of living. Other than that, El Nido is a great place to try surfing and kiteboarding, which is a great way spice your holiday with excitment.

By booking with us not only that you secure your place in the best day tours available in El Nido, you also know that you are going to get your money’s worth. Our tours may not be the cheapest available, but they are all fairly priced. If you’re staying for more than a couple of days in El Nido it’s highly advised to try one of these tours.

El Nido Countryside Day Tours Quick Facts

  • Perfect for : Extreme sports, Nature lovers, Families.
  • Best time to visit : November to May.
  • Tour packages include : Hotel Pickup, transportation, guide.
  • Starting point : Hotel pickup.
  • Duration : From a few hours to whole day
  • Price may vary depending on the day tour or activities you choose.

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What to do?

Here you'll find a full description of all day tours available in the El Nido Province. These tours will compliment all of the other activities that can be found in El Nido town. If you find it difficult to decide for yourself, please contact us and we'll help you make sense of this puzzle. Our wish is for you to have the best tours for you that will be another part of your perfect vacation.

El Nido Countryside Tour

El Nido Island Hopping

Exploring the northern part of the island is a lot of fun. Three of the biggest and most beautiful beaches, Nacpan & Calitang twin beaches, and Duli Beach are situated there, as well as Nagkalit-kalit falls, and Bucana Fishing village. This tour gives you a great opportunity to visit unique and beautiful places, and to meet the people who belong to them.

The road that leads there is quite difficult, and though many tourists choose to do it by bike, in our opinion it's only advised for experienced motorbike/moped riders. If you care about your convenience, and want to discover unique spots that you'll surely miss if you're going by yourself, this countryside tour is just for you.

Countryside Daytrip Itinerary
08:00 Departure from El Nido Town
08:30 Trek to Nagkalit-kalit Waterfalls
11:30 Arrival in Nacpan & Calitang Beaches
12:30 Lunch in a local eatery in Bucana Village
13:15 Visit the houses on stilts and the village school
14:45 See how local blacksmiths forge a traditional Bolo knife
15:30 Arrival in Dagmay Beach and Duli Beach
17:30 Back in El Nido Town

Countryside day tour rate per couple is: from 50USD per person.

ATV Adventure Tour

El Nido Island Hopping

An All-Terrain Vehicle is a great way to fill your day with excitement and beautiful landscapes. This is one of the newest attractions in town, which isn't widely known yet. Also, because the limited number of ATVs is limited, it's highly advised to book ahead of time. It's actually a part off road tour, with a surfing session at the end of it, and that's why it got the nickname 'Surf n' Turf'.

The tour is perfect for adventure seekers who want to feel the adrenaline pumping in their veins. The super bumpy road that leads to the beaches is really terrible when on a bike or in a car, but add an ATV and that's a recipe for pure fun. The surfing session includes a board and an instructor for the group, and you get to surf for a while or at least try. This is one of the more exciting tours in El Nido right now, but should only be attempted if you're physically capable. The age requirement is 18 and above.

ATV Adventure Itinerary
09:00 Departure from El Nido Town, on road riding
09:40 Arrival in Nacpan & Calitang Beach
12:00 Lunch in Nacpan
12:45 Riding to Duli Beach off road
13:45 Arrival in Duli and surfing lesson
15:30 Back in town

How do I fit these tours into my schedule?

Though it seems like there are just too many tours and not enough time, by wisely choosing the right ones for you and booking them in a sensible order will make all the difference. Keep in mind that some of these tours go to similar locations, so there is no sense in visiting the same places twice. We advise you to just pick the tours you like the most, and leave us the task of fitting everything into your El Nido package.

More over, by choosing your preferred day tours in El Nido, we will learn more about your preffered attractions and activities. Therefore we'll be able to recommend you more tours in Palawan, or elsewhere in the Philippines. There are some tours that leave El Nido and blend perfectly with other locations like the Underground River in Sabang, that ends in Puerto Princesa, thus being very convenient. So just start sending over all of your requests regarding your El Nido holiday, and we'll make you the perfect vacation.