Osmeña Peak

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One of the most common requests we get from our clients is a chance to experience trekking and overnight camping in an authentic way. Going to a tropical country and spending a few days in the wilderness, learning basic survival skills and getting a firsthand glance at the local wildlife is truly a once in a lifetime experience. For those who don’t like sleeping in tents, we also offer great day tours that offer almost the same kind of value and excitement.

While there are plenty island expeditions which include overnight camping, particularly in Palawan, they are generally over-hyped and commercialized. Even though it’s still a great activity to try, it lacks the authenticity and immersion most of our clients expect. Furthermore, even though these trips include camping but don’t provide extra value and an opportunity to learn about local wildlife and culture.

This is why we have created these Cebu jungle treks and day tours, which are tailor made to provide the best possible experience for those who seek to go off the beaten path. The jungles of Cebu were actually the place where US soldiers honed their survival skills before heading off to fight in Vietnam. Now, this knowledge which has been preserved by the locals will be passed on to you.

All of the tours listed below are based in Cebu, with pickup points being your hotel in Cebu city itself. Van pickup from other locations on the island such as Moalboal is also possible for added charge. The treks are generally of moderate difficulty and are more suitable for people with high stamina. Weather in Cebu is usually very stable and calm, but in case of a storm all trips will be cancelled and you will get a full refund.

Below you can find a few of the more popular options for trekking and camping in Cebu. With that said, there are a lot of other wonderful mountains and waterfalls you can explore and our private guide will be more than happy to take you there. For custom itineraries and special requests, simply contact us by leaving an inquiry and we’ll make sure you get your exact wishes.

What to do?

Choosing the right trek usually depends the most on how much time you have. Keep in mind these are more suited for people who are in good shape. You don't have to be a pro athlete but should be capable of walking in the sun throughout most of the day.

Specifically, the mountain treks involve quite a bit of climbing and range from medium to hard difficulty level. Prior experience in hiking and trekking is highly recommended. In terms of price, all of these are quite similar with the exception of the survival tour. That tour costs a bit more since it is exclusive and quite demanding from our guide.

Osmeña Peak  Tour

Banaue rice terraces

This is an overnight tour with pickup from Cebu city or Mactan. The tent is provided, and you should bring spare clothes, 1.5 liters of water per person, a hat and some sunscreen.

Osmeña peak is the highest point in Cebu and provides a stunning vantage point of the whole Visayas region. On days when the weather is good, you can even see neighboring islands such as Bohol, Negros and Siquijor. Hiking to the peak is fairly demanding and takes almost a full day to complete, but the view at the top is simply breathtaking.

Once there, you’ll set up camp and spend the night at the summit. You’ll enjoy breakfast watching the spectacular sunrise, before heading back. The descend is through the other side of the peak and you’ll pass through Mantalongon valley where you can again enjoy breathtaking views of the Bohol sea. Our private guide will also stop along the way as much as needed for plant identification and bird watching.

It is possible to do this tour with pickup from Cebu or Mactan but that means you’ll need to leave at 5:30am. For that reason, it’s much better to spend the night before in Moalboal instead so you can an extra 2 hours of sleep in preparation of the long day which awaits you. The tent for camping is provided by us, and all you have to bring with you is 2 liters of water, some extra clothes and sun protection.

Osmena Peak Overnight Trek Itinerary:
Day 1 Meetup at Badian at 8:30am and start the trek from there. At 12:00 have a noonbreak at Saddle 4. Arrive to Peak at around 15:15 and setup camp.
Day 2 Wake up at 6 AM to prepare breakfast and watch the sun go up. Break camp and leave the summit at around 9am. At 12:00 you'll have a break at Mantalongon. At 13:00 leave for Dalaguete and then head back to Cebu from there. Estimated arrival at 17:00.

This is an overnight tour with pickup from Cebu city, Mactan or Moalboal. The tent is provided, but you should bring spare clothes, 2 liters of water per person, a hat and some sunscreen.

How To Include These Cebu Treks in Your Vacation

Cebu is a major tourist spots and a key transport hub in the Philippines. For these reasons, it is both very easy to include it in your itinerary, and also very recommended. The land-based attractions offered in Cebu provide a good diversity to your trip which will otherwise be comprised mostly of island hopping and diving.

Cebu is also where we offer one of our most popular tours – the Kawasan Falls canyoneering. This, combined with any of the tours above, will make for a perfect tour package for anyone who loves adventure and the outdoors. Lastly, you can also check our complete hiking based vacation packages and incorporate any of our Cebu treks in them.