Isla Cabana

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  • Airport pickup
  • Breakfast
  • Free Wifi
  • Gym
  • Pool
  • Private beach
  • Spa

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Considering the fact Siargao is still very much developing, and the fact major hotel chains haven’t gotten there yet, Isla Cabana Resort is a real hidden gem. It is by far and large the best resort in Siargao, and the only place which offers real luxury and an all-inclusive feeling.

Even though it is officially labeled as 4 stars only, if we instead said it was actually 5 stars you wouldn’t be able to tell the difference. This resort in on par with the best accommodation you can find anywhere else in the Philippines.

With only 20 rooms on offer, Isla Cabana guarantees you will enjoy an exclusive and wonderful vacation. This place is ideal for couples or small groups and families who wish to visit Siargao without lowering their standards.

Our Expert Review

Service [?]

The resort doesn't have many rooms so personal service is always guaranteed. The staff are friendly but not as professional as you might expect at a high-end establishment.

Very good

Cleanliness and Design [?]

The rustic Cabana-themed is truly remarkable and the gardens are very well taken care of. Overall the resort is very clean and well organized, which contributes greatly to the great atmosphere it provides.


Rooms [?]

Rooms are large and very comfortable. They are well stocked with amenities as well, and you can ask for anything you like and get it immediately. The only downside is that the cheaper rooms are a bit old and could do with a small face-lift.


Beach and Pool [?]

These are Isla Cabana's biggest highlight. The pool isn't huge, but it does the job just fine and offers a great view of the ocean. The beach area is exclusive to hotel guests and is very well kept.


Location [?]

The best possible location - right in the middle of the main street and a short walking distance from everything you might need.


Value for Money [?]

While Isla Cabana is a fantastic resort, it is not on par with similarly priced resorts on other islands. If you want to visit Siargao and stay at a luxury resort, you have no choice but to go here and pay a small premium.


Isla Cabana has the perfect combination between spacious exterior and high-end rooms and facilities. together with the fact there aren’t many rooms, this means you really feel like you are staying in a small, fancy boutique resort.

There is a spa offering a variety of treatments, as well as an in-house gym. Both are fully stocked and more than adequate, but sadly there are no other facilities available.

Comparing Isla Cabana to similar high end resorts across the country doesn’t do it justice. You have to keep in mind this it’s in Siargao – a fairly remote and underdeveloped island. Tourism here hasn’t matured yet and so the level of service and quality of amenities can sometimes be lacking, at least compared to similarly priced resorts on other islands.

Do Guests Like Isla Cabana?

We went over more than 600 different guest reviews across multiple booking sites and social platforms. These only reinforced our opinion that Isla Cabana is the best beach resort in Siargao. With an average score of 8.8 out of 10, it is one of the top rated hotels on the island, and easily surpasses any other resort in the midrange or high-end category Most of the guests had nothing but praise for the resort, as is clearly reflected by the high score it received. Special mentions were often given to the pool and beach area which are both very well maintained and contribute greatly to the resort's exclusivity. Food served at the restaurant is another highlight, although many people rightfully mentioned it is somewhat overpriced. The most common complaint revolved around the infrastructure. In particular, the quality of the Wi-Fi signal was heavily criticized. Some guests even experienced blackouts, as the resort doesn't have a backup generator. While these complaints are more than fair, they are something you just have to take into account while visiting Siargao - it is much worse in other resorts on the island.

What do guests love about Isla Cabana?

  • Excellent service
  • Fantastic beach and pool area
  • Large and comfortable rooms
  • Top location and a spacious resort

Some things to be aware of before booking:

  • Early check in is strictly not possible
  • Food is great but overpriced and breakfast is a bit basic
  • The lower category room are a bit old
  • There are mosquitoes and lizards across the perimeter

Siargao Island has some of the most breathtaking scenery in the Philippines and provides a once in a lifetime adventure. It is only starting to grow in popularity, so now is the perfect time to go there – before it gets crowded and streamlined. If you are looking to spice up your trip with adventure, without straying to far off the beaten path, Siargao is the perfect choice for you.

That is why we offer many of our clients to include this island while planning their vacation in the Philippines. However, many of them are naturally concerned by the fact the place is so rural and undeveloped. Staying at a ragged, beaten down hotel is a stark contrast to glamorous 5 stars resorts and can certainly be off-putting and ruin your time spent on the island.

Luckily, that is where Isla Cabana comes in. The resort provides the perfect solution for honeymooners and people accustomed to high standards, who still want to visit this beautiful island. It might not be the best value for money out there, but Isla Cabana is still the best beach resort in Siargao.

Room types

Standard Rooms

The most basic room category is 48 square meters in size and has 2 Queen beds. These rooms are the newest ones and are located right next to the lobby.

Superior Villa

This room is 45m in size and has 1 single and 1 double bed in it. The Superior Villa is very nice and spacious, but it’s the only room category which is a bit run down and in need of some better maintenance.

Deluxe Villa

The Deluxe Villa has a king sized bed and a floor space of 54 square meters. It only offers a garden view, but the beach is still only a few steps away.

Premier Villa

This villa is the same size as the Deluxe one but with a better location and view. it’s only slightly more than expensive than the Deluxe Villa.

Beach Front Villa

Also named Ocean Premier Suite, this 96 sqm room is the best accommodation in Siargao. It has 2 separate shower areas (indoor and outdoor) and a balcony with a small private pool in it.

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