Daluyon Beach Resort

Sabang Beach, Cabayugan, Puerto Princesa, 5300 Palawan, Philippines
from/per night$118
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  • Free Wifi
  • Gym
  • Pool
  • Private beach
  • Restaurant
  • Spa

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The Daluyon Beach and Mountain Resort is a rural 4 star resort, with a private beach surrounded by lush jungles and stunning mountains. It’s not only by far the best accommodation choice in Sabang, but one of the most famous and popular resorts in the whole country. For anyone visiting Puerto Princesa, Daluyon offers a perfect escape into the wilderness.

The reason Daulyon has become so famous is the perfect combination it offers between luxury and a native design and atmosphere. This is a very small resort where each guests enjoys personal service, and a very high standard of quality is kept. Additionally, staying in Sabang also means you’ll be closer to the underground river, making the tour a much more pleasant experience. This hotel has been named the best luxury private beach resort in the Philippines for 2017 – so we highly recommend it to anyone who wants to spend a few nights in Palawan.

Our Expert Review

Service [?]

The staff are all super friendly, and since the resort only have a few rooms you get a lot of personal attention. The pace can sometimes be slow though, since this place follows the island mentality. In any case, whenever something goes wrong you can expect a quick and professional response.

Very good

Cleanliness [?]

As mentioned, the design of this place is one of its best features. They manage to convey a sense of luxury and elegance, while still keeping the place simple and natural. The rooms are great and very unique, making them feel just like home. Everything at this hotel was spotless and we never had any issue with dirt anywhere – not the public areas nor the rooms themselves.

Very good

Rooms [?]

Even the most basic room is spacious and well decorated, and can accommodate up to 4 people. All rooms come with a private balcony, offering a great unobstructed view of the ocean. The amenities are all wonderful and everything just gives a real feeling of luxury.


Beach and Pool [?]

Wonderful private beach, just a short walking distance from all the room. The beach is long and wide, the sand is white and the water are clear – it's literally paradise. There's also a very nice and large pool at the center of the resort, which is a good alternative for those who want to stay in the shade and enjoy a short swim.


Location [?]

This hotel is good for those who prioritze peace and quiet over staying at a more developed area. It'll take you an hour and 45 minutes to reach Sabang from Puerto Princesa airport, taking a ride in one of our private vans. The plus side is that Sabang is the starting point for many of the nicest tours in Puerto Princesa, most notably the nearby Underground River National Park.

Very good

Value for Money [?]

Daluyon is one of the best resorts in Palawan in terms of value for money – for a relatively low price you get a ton in return. If you want an all inclusive stay at a luxury resort but must stick to a budget, this place is a great choice. For only a quarter of what you'll pay at El Nido, you get the full luxury resort experience, and would never leave disappointed.


The first thing we noticed when we came to Daluyon Beach Resort was how green and fresh everything seems. The resort spans over a very large area, so it feels really spacious and truly like being in the middle of a tropical haven. The fact this area is so quiet and peaceful also means you will surely have the most relaxing experience you had in a very long time. When we took the tour around the hotel, what struck us the most was the size of the private beach area, but also how empty it was. From our experiences here in the Philippines, this is one of the best beachfront property we’ve been to.

There are only 23 rooms available in this resort, divided into 5 different categories – starting from the basic superior and deluxe rooms and going all the way to the extravagant Daluyon Suite. Having a small amount of rooms over a large area is pretty common for Palawan luxury resorts, especially the private island ones in El Nido. This allows the hotel to provide each guest with personal, VIP level of service.

All rooms come with a private balcony, comfortable king size bed, AC and a ceiling fan, a mini fridge and a safety deposit box. Toiletries and other room amenities are also provided and replenished on a daily basis. In general, we were very happy with the level of the rooms and feel that it doesn’t fall short in any way from the best resorts in Palawan. All rooms also have free WiFi, although signal is often weak and unstable – it’s better to go to the beachfront or other public areas when that happens.

Do Guests like Daluyon?

Since Daluyon opened its gates in early 2014, public opinion has always been very positive. Personally, we never had any problems with this place and nor did any of the guests we sent there. While for us this is the most important factor, we are always keen on examining every available piece of information. That way, we can make sure we give our clients the most relevant and up to date feedback regarding the hotel. There are 707 reviews of Daulyon resort over at Tripadvisor.com, with an average score of 4.5 stars. 62% of reviewers gave the hotel the highest score possible, while only 2% have rated their stay as "below average". What people seemed to like the most is the quiet and relaxed atmosphere, and the feeling of being at a secluded tropical paradise. The staff's friendliness also got mentioned a lot. The only real complain we found was regarding the state of the rooms, with some guests saying the resort feels a bit worn down. There are also 445 individual reviews at Agoda.com, where an 8.8 average rating makes Daluyon one of the top rated hotels in Palawan. The reviews here are extremely praising, and we actually had a hard time finding negative feedback about the resort. Some people did mention the AC wasn't working as well as they had expected. All in all, guests really loved the hotel and 93% of them would recommend it to anyone who visits Puerto Princesa. Booking.com only shows 191 reviews and the average rating is 8.4, which is still quite high, and better than most other resorts in the area. It seems many guests were not aware of the fact this resort is pretty far from Puerto Princesa city, which obviously lead to many feeling disappointed. Additionally, some people said the breakfast selection was too limited. Other than that, most guests really liked the rooms, friendliness of employees and excellent conditions overall at this hotel.

Here are the main reasons to stay at this resort:

  • Private and relaxing
  • Small resort means personal attention
  • Great return for the price you pay

Below are the main downsides of Daluyon:

  • Takes an hour and a half to reach Sabang
  • Resort facilities are mediocre at best
  • Limited selection of dishes at the restaurant

When it comes to facilities and added services, it’s hard to say Daulyon really excels at everything. The main attraction here is the stunning private beach, and they also do a really good job with the attractions related to it. We definitely recommend kayaking in the beautiful bay, as well as snorkeling or even diving in the house reef. Tours and excursions to the nearby Underground River and even some more remote landmarks are also organized by the resort.

Having praised their activities, we need to honestly judge the level of other facilities. While the spa is standard – nothing special but still a good way to relax – the gym is honestly quite bad. We see this with many hotels in the Philippines, a country where gym culture and health consciousness aren’t fully developed yet. The gym at Daulyon is small and old, with very little equipment in it. Honestly, if you want to work out during your time in Palawan, you are much better off just going for a swim, or a quick run through the jungles surrounding the resort.

Lastly, there is the resort restaurant, where all meals are served. The food is good but selection is quite limited. Breakfast is included in the price of the room and is served in buffet style, while other meals can be ordered a la carte. There’s also a bar near the beach area, where cocktails and small snacks are served. Daluyon doesn’t really offer a standard all inclusive package, but if that’s what you expect just let us know, and we’ll try to organize it with the hotel.

Overall, Daluyon Beach and Mountain Resort offers the ultimate tropical retreat in island paradise. When you imagine how your vacation in Palawan would look like, this is most likely it. Being an hour and a half from the tourist spots means this resort is very romantic and peaceful. We highly recommend Daluyon to anybody who wants to enjoy privacy at a beautiful beach location, without settling on anything less than ultimate luxury and pampering.

Room types

Superior Room

This is the most basic room type, a very nice and comfortable bungalow style accommodation. With 26m2 of space, it is a great choice for couples. The room comes with either 1 king sized bed or 2 queen size.

Deluxe Room

These rooms range between 28 and 34 square meters. They all come with 2 queen sized beds, and can accommodate 2 adults and 2 kids quite comfortably.

Junior Suite

The junior suite is 120m2 and comes with 2 separate bedrooms and a living area. Each bedroom has a king size bed and the room is good for 4 adults. Extra beds can be added upon request.

Daluyon Suite

This grand suite is 220m2 and can comfortably fit in 6 adults. It’s a great choice for families who are on vacation at Puerto Princesa.

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