Nami Resort

Diniwid Beach Rd, Malay, Aklan, Philippines
from/per night$155
  • Airport pickup
  • Breakfast
  • Free Wifi
  • Restaurant
  • Spa

Nami is a boutique 4 star hotel located on a cliff overlooking Diniwid beach. This area is 20 minutes walk from White Beach station 1, and even though the beach is far less impressive, it’s also much more quiet and private. While this is not a beachfront resort, it offers some of the most spectacular views of the ocean anywhere in Boracay.

You can enjoy these views from a Jacuzzi installed at your private balcony, in a spacious and modernly designed room. Small touches such as a personal butler assigned to each guest and a complimentary bottle of wine or champagne also help make this place even more luxurious. All that make Nami Resort an highly recommended place for those who wish to enjoy luxury accommodation at a relaxed, peaceful environment. In that regard, this hotel provided an affordable alternative to places such as The Lind or the Shangri-La for example.

Our Expert Review

Service [?]

As mentioned, this is a place where they really try to do that little bit extra to make you satisfied. The service in general is friendly and helpful, and they also do a good job fixing problems quickly. We never had a case where something was wrong in the room and wasn't fixed immediately, or at very least the guest was offered to change a room.


Cleanliness [?]

The resort is very clean but it has seen better days. The rustic, bungalow style design, works well for a boutique island hotel, but it also makes the place look a bit run down. The rooms themselves are clean and everything is working fine, but again the minimilastic design means every flaw gets noticed immediately.

Very good

Rooms [?]

Thanks to the relatively remote location, they are able to offer larger rooms than most other hotels in Boracay. Even the smallest room is 35m2, which is almost double the size of what you'll get at White Beach. However as mentioned, they are in need of a slight makeover, and there are some small issues with the facilities inside them.

Very good

Beach and Pool [?]

The resort's weakest point as there's no pool and you'll have to walk to get to a really nice beach. Diniwid beach isn't bad at all, but it's not the reason why people visit Boracay. This is more of a place where you relax at your private Jacuzzi rather then laying on the sand.

Very poor

Location [?]

Location is remote, but walking to White Beach is reasonable, even if not the easiest. The real issue with this place though is the fact it's placed on a hillside, making it much less accessible. To reach it, you'll have to walk for 3 minutes through a dirt road, then climb quite a few stairs. They will help you with your bags of course, but still, this isn't a recommended resort for elderly people and those with disabilities.


Value for Money [?]

Nami offers great value for your money, as long as you know exactly what your'e going to get. If you come with the right expectations, then staying there will be a very pleasant experience. Compared to other 4 star resorts at White Beach, you sacrifice the beach and the location and get larger rooms and a peaceful surrounding in return. The prices are also significantly cheaper than those of similar hotels in the more popular areas, making Nami Resort a good choice on a budget.

Very good

Getting to the Nami Resort isn’t the easiest task in the world. First you’ll be dropped at the main road, from which you’ll have to continue by foot for 3 to 5 minutes. The dirt road is wide and fairly comfortable to traverse, but it is a slight inconvenience, especially if you arrive when its already dark. Then, you’ll also have to climb a few stairs to reach the resort itself, since it’s located at the hilltop. The reward you get is the marvelous scenic view, overlooking most of Boracay’s east coast and expanding far into the horizon.

There are only 12 available rooms at Nami, which further helps strengthen the feeling of privacy and remoteness. Half of the rooms are standard rooms, called deluxe, and the other half are suites types. All rooms come with a flat screen TV, AC, mini bar, a safety box and free WiFi. There’s a private balcony at each room, and a Jacuzzi installed in them. While the beds are comfortable and water pressure in the shower is satisfactory, it’s worth mentioning that WiFi signal is very unstable.

Do Guests Like The Nami Resort?

Nami is the most popular and best rated resort in Diniwid beach. It has been around for several years now, and has managed to maintain a good reputation. Personally, we never had a problem with any of the guests we sent there, and they were all extremely satisfied. This is largely thanks to the fact we make it very clear what the resort has the offer, and what it doesn't. While most major booking sites fail to do that, and it certainly effects the reviews, we still think it's worthwhile to examine the information presented there, especially the guest's feedback. has 377 reviews of Nami, with an average rating of 4.5 out of 5. Only 6% of guests have rated their time at the hotel as "below average". Guests really liked the breathtaking view, the private hot tub and the friendly service they received from staff members. Complaints on the other, mostly revolve around bad WiFi, the remote location, and the fact that the rooms could use a slight renovation.

Over at there are only 124 reviews, but the score is a fantastic 8.5. this actually ranks Nami higher than most White Beach resorts. Reviews at this website are incredibly positive, with almost everybody saying how perfect their experience there had been. Most of the credit is attributed to the staff and general level of service, while people also enjoyed the rooms and the food served at the restaurant.

There are also 377 reviews on, where the average rating is a solid 8.2 – still higher than most hotels in Boracay. Here people really liked the romantic vibe, further enhanced by the free champagne and private hot tub. A lot of the guests felt misinformed though, complaining about the remote location and the place being inaccessible. There were also a lot of mixed reviews regarding the price, with many people claiming it's not worth it.

Here are the few main reasons you should book a room at Nami:

  • World class personal service
  • Quiet and romantic atmosphere
  • Large rooms with a balcony and a hot tub

There are also some reasons to avoid the hotel:

  • Remote, hard to reach location
  • No swimming pool and no private beach
  • Non-suite rooms are a bit dated and could use a renovation

While Nami doesn’t have a beach directly at the resort, Diniwid is only 70 meters away from it. This is a nice peaceful beach, which is great if you want to avoid the overcrowded White Beach area. Still, since Diniwid is just to the north of White Beach station 1, you’ll only need to walk for 15-20 minutes to get there. Nami also provides a free shuttle service going to D’Mall in station 2 several times a day. If you wish to go on your own time, you can either pay them a special fee or ask to call you a tricycle instead.

There are no facilities at the resort other than a restaurant and a spa. The spa is standard, and we haven’t heard any special feedback regarding it, so we can’t say if it’s particularly good or bad to be honest. They do offer a free treatment (Swedish aromatherapy) to any guests who books at least 2 nights – so you are welcome to try it out and tell us if you liked it or not. With regards to the food served at the resort though, we can definitely say its very good. The breakfast in particular has been praised by almost every guest we sent there, and is included in the price of the room.

When we consider which hotels we can compare Nami with, the most natural alternative is Villa Caemilla. This is also a 4 star boutique resort, located at White Beach station 3. This is a slightly unfair comparison, since Villa Caemilla is one of the top rated hotels in Boracay, and even the most fancy 5 star hotels struggle to compete with the value they offer there. So, While Villa Caemilla is defintely a better hotel, there a few distinct advantages to staying at Nami Resort instead. First of all, the rooms there are much larger – almost twice the size. On top of that, Nami is a much smaller resort so you get much better personal service. For that, you’ll pay slightly more at Nami, and the location is much more remote.

Overall, Nami resort represents a solid alternative to the crowded hotels at White Beach. Here, you will enjoy the same level of service and luxury, at much more intimate setting. We recommend this place especially for couples and older people, who value privacy over staying close to the bars and nightclubs. With comfortable rooms, good breakfast and world class service – this place has everything you expect when planning your vacation in Boracay.

Room types

Deluxe Beach View

This is a 35m2 room, significantly larger than almost anywhere else in Boracay. It comes with a king size bed, and 1 single bed can be added for a fee of 60$ a night.

Ocean View Suite

This suite also comes with a king size bed, and another single bed can be added. With 50m2 it’s larger than the Deluxe, and also more modernly furnished and well kept.

One Bedroom Suite

This room has a separate bedroom and a living room. The suite is 70m2 and comes with king size bed and a sofa bed. An extra single bed can be added for an additional charge.

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