Ambassador In Paradise

Station 1,, Boracay Island, Malay, Aklan, Philippines
from/per night$125
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  • Free Wifi
  • Gym
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The Ambassador in Paradise resort is located at Boracay’s White Beach Station 1, right at the best part of the whole beach. It’s one of the longest standing 5 star hotels on the island, and has enjoying a stellar reputation since the day it was established. The resort’s best years were between 2013 and 2015, when it was chosen as one of the best luxury resorts in Asia by multiple prestigious travel magazines. Since then it has slightly fallen from grace, and while rooms overall service is still of the highest level, some facilities no longer meet the standards expected of a luxury hotel.

Maybe all the praise has made Ambassador’s management a bit complacent, since it can no longer rival with the new 5 stars resorts which are right next to it on Station 1. Hotels such as The Lind or Discovery Shores for example, offer a much more luxurious all inclusive experience. Still, Ambassador offers tremendous value to guests, and is far cheaper than any other 5 star resort in station 1. So, if you want to enjoy a luxury vacation at the best part of the beach in Boracay, Ambassador in Paradise is the perfect value for money option.

Our Expert Review

Service [?]

Staff is very friendly and helpful, and they do a great job dealing with special requests from guests. One really cool feature they have, which we never saw anywhere else in the Philippines, is that they give each guest a mobile phone from which he can contact all hotel staff. This is extremely useful if your'e at the beach and want the butler to bring water or an extra towel for example, or when you want to check in with the shuttle service going to Station 2.


Cleanliness [?]

The hotel is an interesting design that makes it feel very cozy and homely. Rooms are separated into multiple small buildings, each only with 3 or 4 floors, and they are all very well kept. The beach and pool are cleaned regularly, and the rooms are all spotless as well. Overall, the resort has a very unique and charming look, with the only issue being the very basic reception area. Facilities such as the spa and gym are also outdated and not at the level required of a 5 star hotel.


Rooms [?]

The smallest room is 20m2, which makes it reasonable for a couple, even if a bit crowded. Other rooms are substantially larger though. In any case, all rooms are very well designed and maintained, and are equipped with everything you'd expect from a 5 star resort. The bathroom in particular is exceptional – it looks great, is very spacious and the toiletries are all very good. Only problem we encountered was the slow WiFi.

Very good

Beach and Pool [?]

The swimming pool isn't huge, but is centrally located and close to all rooms. Since the hotel is fairly small, the size of the pool is actually not an issue. Ambassador also has its own private section of the beach, and they do a great job of keeping it nice and clean. This is without a doubt the best beach in Boracay.


Location [?]

This is the best location for couples and everyone looking for a more peaceful vacation. You enjoy the best of both worlds by being at the prime beach location but still a 15 minutes walk from the bars and nightclubs at station 2. The entrance to the hotel is right at the main road, so it's also very easy to reach. There are also a few shops and restaurants just a short walk away, in case you want to buy snacks or hygiene products.


Value for Money [?]

While Ambassador in Paradise certainly isn't the best 5 star resort in Boracay, it's by far the most reasonably priced one. You'll enjoy great service and high standards of quality for only a third of the price you'd pay anywhere else. For us, this makes it one of the best value for money choices among luxury hotels.


We went into the Ambassador through the beach entrance, which was actually a good thing because it allowed us to see the whole hotel first before reaching the front desk. The reception area was quite underwhelming to be honest – small, dark and without an AC working, so it would’ve made us seriously doubt whether this is really a 5 star hotel or not. Thankfully, the rest of the resort looks amazing and is very well maintained, so we were already convinced this is an interesting place to check out for our clients.

There are only 60 available rooms at the resort, which makes the perfect size. You can enjoy a personal and attentive service but still feel like a your’e staying at a serious hotel and not some family-run business. All rooms are very well designed and fully furnished, with everything being new and functional. They each include a small private balcony, mini-bar, AC, free WiFi , flat screen TV and a safety deposit box. Rooms at higher categories (Premier and above) also have an Jacuzzi bathtub installed.

Buildings here are between 3 and 4 stories high, and only 1 of them has an elevator. So, if you don’t
don’t want to climb any stairs, please let us know in advance and we’ll take care of that. The hotel does a good job accommodating such requests, especially when dealing with senior citizens or people with disabilities. There’s also an electric car available to drive you around if needed, so overall it’s a very accessible place.

Walking from one side of the hotel to the other takes less than 2 minutes. The buildings are built in a U-shape surrounding the large swimming pool and facing the beach. So, no matter which room you get, you will never be far away from the beach. The beach area itself is large and very beautifully organized. There are many beach beds and a personal butler is always there to make sure all your requests are immediately answered.

Do Guests like The Ambassador In Paradise?

Being one of the most popular and longest standing 5 star resorts in Boracay, there's no shortage of opinions regarding the Ambassador. While most experiences are very positive, it's only natural there would be complaints as well. The resort doesn't have the high rating some of it competitors do, but we do feel there are a few mitigating factors which should be taken into account.

First of all, a lot of people don't seem to realize you only get what you pay for. Sure, this is a 5 star resort and you should definitely expect a certain standard, but there's also a reason why it costs a third of the price. This is the decision you need to make after considering all the information – do you want the ultimate luxury experience, or are you content with a high-end resort, which is understandably not as good?

Secondly, and this is entirely the hotel's management fault, the Ambassador went through extensive renovation in 2016. That is all fine and well, but they didn't bother to inform potential guests. So, naturally, the received a lot of negative reviews during that time period. We do take all this reports into account, but so far we hadn't received any complaint from the people we sent there. We'll keep monitoring the situation regularly, and make sure you get the most updated information regarding this hotel.

We found 687 reviews on, with an average score of 4 out of 5. 80% of guests have rated their stay at the hotel as "above average", and more than half gave it the highest score possible. People really liked the service by the staff members, the amazing location by the beach and the clean and spacious rooms. The most common complaint we noticed was regarding the erratic schedule of the shuttle service, as well as mixed reviews about the food.

There are also 719 reviews on and 1149 on, with scores of 8.4 and 8.5 respectively. Guests praised the fantastic location, high standards of service and the cleanliness of the entire hotel, especially the rooms. We did find a few recurring complaints though, which were about the weak WiFi in some rooms, and the gym being too small and in need of a facelift.

For us, it's quite clear why you should stay at the Ambassador resort:

  • Best beach location
  • Clean, comfortable rooms
  • Excellent service and attention to small details
  • Very fair prices for a 5 star accommodation

Still, there are some things you must consider before booking here:

  • Weak WiFi in rooms
  • Facilities such as spa and gym are not modern enough
  • Unreliable shuttle service to station 2
  • Food is overpriced and not amazing at all

If there’s one clear thing where Ambassador in Paradise fails to meet the expected levels of 5 star hotels, it’s their facilities. Both the spa and the gym are disappointing, and hardly what you would imagine when you see how well rated this hotel is. They are both too small, and clearly need a serious facelift to make them more modern and accommodating. The only adequate facility we saw was the game room, which is actually quite big and has a nice selection of attractions available to all guests.

Breakfast for 2 is included in the price of the room. It’s served at the restaurant, called ‘Al Fresco’, which is located right by the beach. The breakfast is a buffet style, with a decent selection of dishes and fresh bakeries which they make themselves every day. The restaurant also serves lunch and dinner in a la carte style – we didn’t get a chance to try out the food there, but we have to say reviews have been very mixed.

Additionally, there are few extra services offered by the resort, most of which don’t even require any extra charge. For example, a special mobile phone is provided, from which you can reach the hotel’s staff 24/7 if there’s any problem you need help with. There’s also an hourly shuttle to and from D’Mall in station 2, but as mentioned it’s a bit unreliable. Since you have the phone anyway, it’s best you call first and make sure the exact time the van will arrive.

In conclusion, Ambassador in Paradise is still a top end luxury resort. While there’s still a lot of room for improvement, the overall quality is more than satisfactory. Anyone who wants to stay at Station 1 and enjoy the best part of the beach, should consider staying at this resort. It provides great value and a luxurious setting, while offering very competitive rates. As long as you read this review carefully and understand precisely what you are going to get, there’s no chance you feel disappointed with your choice.

Room types

Deluxe Ocean View

The Deluxe ocean view is the most basic category available, and is 20m2 in size. It comes with 1 king size bed, and is a good choice for couples. You get to enjoy all the amenities and services offered by the hotel. The best thing about this rooms, besides of their price, is the fact they are right at the beachfront.

Executive Ocean View

The Executive unit is 40m2 and offers a great view of the ocean since it’s located at the top floor. The bathroom has a Jacuzzi bathtub installed in it. The room comes with 1 king size bed or 2 singles, based on your choice.

Premier Room

There are 2 versions of the Premier room – ocean or garden view. Both rooms are exactly the same, with 50m2 but the ocean view costs roughly 20$ more per day. The room comes with 1 king size bed or 2 single beds, based on your preference.

Family Room

This room is between 60 and 80 square meters. it comes with with 2 king size and 2 loft single beds. you can replace the 2 king size beds with 4 singles, so this room can easily fit 6 people in it.

Honeymoon and Family Suites

The honeymoon suite is 70m2 while the family suite is larger and close to 100m2. Both have a nice private balcony, and a Jacuzzi bathtub. The difference is the honeymoon suite comes with 1 king size bed, while the family suite has 2 queen size beds and 1 single.

Presidential Suite

The largest room in the hotel, it’s no less than 150m2 in size. The suite comes with 1 king size bed, and is the ultimate luxury experience. there’s a large shower and toilet room, as well as a Jacuzzi in a balcony overlooking the ocean.

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