Why use a travel agent when going to the Philippines?

The Philippines is a very beautiful country and perfect for those who are looking for a tropical paradise. The people are most friendly and nature is abundant. However, as an emerging economy, planning a trip to the Philippines can be challenging. The country is still under development when it comes to tourism and infrastructure. Lots of places in the Philippines are inaccessible, especially remote islands. Finding transport is usually one of the greatest challenges a traveler can face.

  • Travel agencies provide reliable and comfortable transport so you get to your destination safe and on time.
  • We have connections with numerous hotels and airlines, so booking your own accommodation and flight is easy and fast.
  • If you are a first-time traveler to the Philippines, you need the help of a travel agency to sort out your travel plans, and make sure that your destinations are all easily accessible.
  • Travelers who are on their own, can experience some sort of scam if they are not very vigilant so a travel agency is a necessity.
  • Planning a luxurious and adventurous itinerary is almost impossible without local connections. So, if you want to get the most of what the country has to offer, a travel agency is necessary because you cannot do all that on your own.

What makes you think that your agency will provide all benefits listed above?

We take pride in our close local connections and extensive travel knowledge. Our own experiences will guide you in planning the best possible personal package, according to your budget and time restrictions. We’ve been there, done that and seen that. So there is no better agency to help you! We work closely with government agencies and our strong local ties guarantee that you will stay safe and find the best deals possible.

What is special about your agency?

travel agent

Most travel agencies here are owned by Filipinos and only cater to Asian and domestic tourists. Although some of them offer great products and services, they typically fail to fully grasp the specific expectations, standards and general mindset of foreigners visiting the Philippines. Moreover, tourist agents here struggle with providing a flexible service and instead stick to robust, pre-made packages only.

International agencies on the other hand, understand those requirements better and so many of them offer tailor made vacations. However, as you will soon realize once you get into the country; it’s virtually impossible to provide decent support and assistance while sitting in a comfy office half way across the world. holidays in exotic countries are always a bit chaotic by nature and it’s even more challenging when you don’t have a local presence. Some islands in the Philippines are very inaccessible (which is of course part of their charm), so if you have no local connection, it becomes a difficult destination to enjoy. A local connection also means immediate assistance if something doesn’t go according to plan.

Our agency is different from all the rest because we combine the best of both worlds. We are oriented to western audience, while keeping a strong local presence and links to trusted businesses. Our team of experts are always on alert and will keep you informed of any event which might affect your holiday – such as unexpected weather or delays in transits and flights. We will also check in with you occasionally to make sure your trip goes according to plan. Our dedicated agents are available 24/7 to provide immediate support should any problems occur.

Are your travel tours flexible? How flexible are they exactly?

Yes, our travel packages are flexible and customizable. If you book a full package, and suddenly decide to change a single item, that is totally acceptable. Our pre-made packages can also be changed according to your plans. If you want to extend a day or two in one place or shorten another, we will totally change it for you.

Also, if there’s something fun you’d like to do or a special place you wish to visit, which aren’t listed as part of our available services, we will create it especially for you! That is how flexible we are.

What is the best destination in the Philippines?

Palawan beach in El Nido

Truthfully, it is quite impossible to choose the best destination in the country because each and every place is unique in itself. It is heavily dependent on what you are looking for. We all have different preferences and expectations and what seems to be a perfect beach paradise for one may not be good enough for someone who loves the mountains or the city for that matter.

If you love surfing and if surfing is on top of your list, then Palawan may not be the best destination for you. Instead, we will send you to the best surfing spot in the country which is in Siargao Island.

For this reason, we strongly recommend that you check our full destinations page first before booking anything. That way you can decide better what places you want to visit and which activities you love doing. Learning more about the places will help you find the most suitable destination for you. If you find more than one (which we are sure will likely be the case), then combining those places into one complete travel package will surely give you the most awesome travel experience ever!

I have special dietary requirement. Will you be able to cater to that?

Yes we sure can. Filipino dishes are varied so if you are allergic to nuts for example, let us know before-hand so we can inform the hotel staff who will take care of your food. We can also recommend restaurants for vegetarians. We prioritize your comfort and safety and that means dietary requirements are also important.

However, there will be times when it will not be easy. For example, when you are in a remote island where there’s nothing but seafood. We will give you a full list of tips and information on how to find food proper for your diet, and avoid locations when that is not possible.

If I travel with a group, do we get a free time?

Joining a group tour is not very appealing sometimes, because you don’t get enough time to venture out on your own. That is the limitation of being a part of a group you are not personally connected with. That is why it is important that before joining a group, make sure the itinerary is good for you and suits your needs.

Now, to answer your question, yes you will be given free time to explore and enjoy the sights but only to some extent. So when your guide gives you 2 hours of free time, try to make the most out of it. Make sure to be back on time so as not to cause inconvenience to other people.

Do I have to bring my own gear when travelling to popular tourist places?

We will provide your snorkeling and diving gears should you wish to go on any of our day tours. If you want to go surfing in Siargao, we will provide the surf boards for you. If you want to go mountain hiking and camping then we can provide the tent for you. We will provide whatever you need as long as you book with us. Sometimes people bring their own stuff for hygienic purposes and we totally get that so in that case we can just hire a porter to carry your things should you need one.

Is the Philippines a safe country to travel to?

The Philippines is a safe country and very comparable to other Asian destinations. It is best to avoid a few areas in Mindanao because of the presence of rebels but other than that the country is very peaceful. Police are always easy to reach 24/7 should you encounter any difficulty. Just be vigilant especially in the big cities (just like in any other country) as they can be a place for thieves and robbers to target their victims.

What is the weather in the Philippines like?

The weather in the Philippines is generally good. The country enjoys a lot of sunshine all year-round except during typhoon season which is usually from July to December. Typhoons are quite strong, so it is very important to constantly look at the weather forecast while planning your trip.

The good thing is; the weather is different from one region to another. There may be typhoons coming to Manila for example but Boracay is very dry and sunny. So regardless of the weather, there is always a place where you can enjoy sunshine. In times of typhoons though, flights may be cancelled so it is best to always have a plan B.

I always hear that Filipinos are hospitable but what makes Filipino hospitality so special?

Filipino hospitality is famous world-wide. If you lived  in the western world all your life, you will feel the difference right away. Here in the Philippines, we treat foreigners better than we treat our families. For example, when you get invited into a simple family home, the family will give you the best and most comfortable bed in the house to sleep in while they happily sleep on the couch or on the floor. They will serve you the best meals and will ask you to eat as much as you can. Filipinos always smile despite the hard life. If you go to resorts and hotels, Filipino hospitality is clearly reflected in their services as well.

Is tipping very common in places like Boracay?

Boracay is heavily internationalized and yes tipping is very common as it is a major tourist destination. Generally though, tipping is not a requirement and there is no legal obligation for a tourist to give tips. However, tipping is greatly appreciated especially by local workers who are earning very small income. So if you are very happy with the service and if you think the person deserves appreciation, tips will be go a long way.

I heard Filipinos love Karaoke. Will it be a problem because I cannot sleep when there is too much noise?

Filipinos indeed love karaoke. It is everyone’s favorite activity to pass the time. Filipinos love to drink beer and sing at the same time. Do not worry though, karaoke is only allowed until 10pm. So you can sleep to your heart’s content. In popular places like Manila however, night life goes on and on until sunrise so it is best to book a hotel far from busy night districts and bars.

Will I have network coverage in the country?

Remote places like exotic islands in Palawan usually don’t have network coverage so your phones will not work. But generally, when you are in a hotel or a resort, you will have connections and internet. Be warned though, internet connection in the Philippines is not the fastest, so expect a struggle from time to time.

Will you guarantee that I will have the best travel experience in my life with your agency?

YES! Absolutely! From the moment you step out of the airport into the waiting van outside to your hotels rooms, foods, personal attendant, services, and tours and until you board the plane to return to your home town, you will be absolutely satisfied. Filipino service is world-class so no matter how many times you change your order in a restaurant and no matter how strict you sound when you place your orders, you will always receive a warm smile and polite answer.

We only work and recommend those with excellent service quality so we are sure that you will be pleased. We will provide you with a trusted travel agent who will constantly work with you along the way and will address any problem which might occur.

If there is something I need to bear in mind while traveling in the Philippines, what should it be?

Philippines is not only a very beautiful country but it is also quite cheap! There are a lot of excellent high-end hotels that you can book for less than a hundred dollars per night if you know where to look. all-inclusive vacations can be luxurious without stressing your wallet too much.

On the other hand, even a simple itinerary can also be the best time of your life. The country is full of surprises and there is always something to see just around the corner. The locals are awesome and the food is unique. Remember to avoid being arrogant. Filipinos are generally polite but if you are arrogant then you might see some smirks here and there. Filipinos are proud of their culture so an insult to Filipino culture isn’t appreciated.

It is also very much appreciated when you bring something with you when you arrive to a Filipino home because that shows that you cared enough to bring something for them. Filipinos always bring some “pasalubong” or souvenirs to their families whenever they go back home. And lastly, just enjoy the country, mingle with the locals and venture out on your own and you will surely be coming back for more in no time.

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